Next Level Phone Flipping is CLOSED. It can't be purchased anymore. Anybody who has joined Next Level Phone Flipping of course will continue to have access to the entire program and the members only Facebook Group - Aaron Goldsten

Aaron Goldsten did over $500,000 in Phone Flipping Sales in 2018 and became David Kosciusko's coach for the Next Level Phone Flipping Program
He has helped over 220 members in Next Level currently to scale their business
Listen to the full story of how Aaron Started with only $50 in the bank and flipped it to over $500,000+ dollars in sales for 2018:
Are you looking for extra support to scale your phone flipping business faster?
Do you want live examples from someone in the field daily to motivate you?
Do you want to speed up your rate up becoming the next Phone Flipping Superstar or even get past 10k?
Get Twice A Week Coaching Calls, 52+ Advanced Training Videos, The Script,35 line by line advanced different message negotiation break downs, copy and paste ads for the apps and market place To Help You Level Up Your eBay Business Quickly
Here's What Awaits You Inside Our Next Level Phone Flipping Program
  • Over 42 easy to follow videos all designed to take your phone flipping business to the next level quickly
  • Copy & Paste Titles, Descriptions and Images for Craigslist, Facebook Groups, Facebook Market Place and Apps all created by me that are designed to get you a flood of leads (over 400 ad images included)
  • Advanced ad training designed to get you better quality leads so you can buy less phones for larger profits
  • Advanced training on how to go from $10,000 a month to $20,000 a month consistently
  • Coaching on using methods other then placing ads to hopefully help increase your business by up to 25-50%
  • The Script: A copy and paste done for your messaging script to help increase your text negotiation skills and coaching to make sure it's done correctly 
  • Custom help in advanced scenarios such as handling ghosted or blocked ads on any platform (no guarantees but we'll do our best to help you out)
  • Advanced negotiation and sales strategies designed to help you get phones at huge profits with ease 
  • Over 35 different, advanced, line by line message negotiation conversation break downs where not only do I show you the exact words to say in certain advanced negotiation situations with really tough customers who seem like they won't come down in price, I teach you the psychology behind it so you have the confidence and skill set to close very hard leads
  • Members only once a week coaching calls at different times to make it more accessible to you and to give you the personal attention you need - you get this for at least 2 months (UPDATE: this program use to come with TWO coaching calls a week, now it comes with one coaching call a week)
  • SECRET ways to get leads other then using craigslist, market place, posting in groups and apps
  • The eBay Listing Template designed to help your items sell as quickly as possible 
  • The "3 Power Phrases" I use on tough to close leads to get them to quickly come down and agree to the price I want to pay for their phone and be happy about it
  • The 3 Levels, The 4 Parts of an Effective Counter offer and Hard, Medium, and Soft offers - this by itself will put you ahead of 90% of the competition
  • Learn how I BEAT MY COMPETITION month after month even though there are lots of other phone flippers where I live with many of them paying more then me for phones
  • Learn how to semi automate your messaging so you can respond to floods of leads with ease without getting overwhelmed or frustrated
  • Multiple examples of me closing deals 100% by messaging and complete video breakdowns of the conversations broken down line by line from start to finish
  • Advanced business strategies and secret sales tricks to help you close deals and run a very profitable phone flipping business
  • Learn how I have helped others increase their business by 200%-700% sometimes in as little as a week. 
What comes with the course
  • Training Videos - over 52 videos all designed to help get your eBay business to the next level quickly including an hour and 20 minute video break down of The Script, how to get ads to stick, how to get better quality leads so you stop getting people trying to sell you their 6 year old phones and you start getting more people who want to sell you newer phones - this will naturally help you make more profit per phone as well which you will discover.
  • Group Coaching Calls Once A Week: Every week you get to join a live video chat with me on our group coaching calls. I answer members questions each group chat to make sure you get the help you need. Calls are recorded and replay is posted inside your back office. Update: this program use to come with coaching calls TWICE a week, now the coaching calls are once a week
  • Members Only Facebook Group: Ask any questions you have in out members only Facebook group. This is an elite group of phone flippers and only people who have purchased the course have access. Connect with other advanced phone flippers and skyrocket your success.
  •  The Script:​A complete copy and paste done for your messaging script to help increase your text negotiation skills. There is a 3 layered protocol built into The Script designed to help you get hard to close customers to drop the price they want for their phone. 
  •  Copy & Paste Ad Templates:​Copy & Paste professionally created ad templates for every advertising platform we use. Copy and paste the titles, descriptions and images and watch the leads pour in. 
Meet Aaron Goldsten
The coach for Next Level Phone Flipping

Aaron has started over a dozen businesses including a detail shop, a restaurant and a promotional company. 

Aaron has been going through self improvement for the paste 12 years, has gone through close to $100,000 in advanced training programs on marketing, sales and business which he has applied to phone flipping and this course. 

Aaron's dad has been the top commissioned sales person in his company, and being an expert salesmen and trained Aaron on some of the secrets he now uses to get phones daily. 

Aaron started this business with around $200, Aaron didn't pay his bills for a month just so he would have some extra money to flip phones. 

A couple months after Aaron started phone flipping he went part time at his job, and a couple months later he quit and became a full time phone flipper. 

Aaron now wakes up at noon ever day at the earliest, Aaron spends 25-30 hours a week phone flipping and then spends the rest of his time doing 'whatever I damn well feel like!' 

"Money and time give you freedom. The problem is most people have one or the other. They have money, but they are working 50+ hours at a job they might not love, so they can't enjoy life. Or they have time but no money. To live a great life you need both. You need money to do the things you want to do, and you need time to do them. When you run your eBay business correctly you can have both. Now I want to help others experience the freedom that comes from having a profitable phone flipping business.

Me and David Kosciusko created Next Level Phone Flipping to help others level up their phone flipping business quickly using the blueprints, templates and training inside this elite training course. I want to help you skip the learning curve and have success and freedom quickly." 
 Let me tell you my story...
Can your life really change in 6 months?
 The first picture here is from one of my last jobs. I was Overweight, Broke and tired from working 60+ hour weeks. I was working a job I hated, working 12-14 hour days, and coming home exhausted, just to wake up and doing it again
I had no money left so I started putting everything on credit cards. That lasted for about 6 months till I literally maxed out every credit card I had. I felt trapped. Bouncing around from job to job depressed, watch my life pass me by, I desperately needed a way out.
One day I decided if I didn't make a change in my life, nothing in my life would change so I started looking for a way out. I found David's program online. I had seen and bought other programs in the past that promised big money but didn't work out. However I just needed a way out so bad I said 'fuck it' and decide to buy anyway. - It was the best decision in my life
Fast forward just 6 months later I now have over $44,000 in my checking account. I have helped others level up their eBay business quickly by giving them the advanced training and support they need to see quick success.
I don't say this to impress you. But to show you what is possible for you when you make a decision, commit, and get the correct training. You have greatness inside. It's time to unleash it onto the world.
As you are reading this... maybe you see the darkness of the letters or whiteness behind the letters, maybe you can STOP, and remember where your life was 6 months ago... what were you doing... how where you living.... how did you feel....
Now walk with me and image... for a moment...that it's exactly 6 months from today...

Where do you want your life to be... what do you want to be doing... Are you going to be happy with your life in 6 months, if it looks the same as it does now? If you keep going down the path your going down now... how about in 12 months... in 18 months... is anything going to change?

If you said no, then what action will you take today to make sure when 6 months from now comes... which it will... you are in a better place?
You where meant to do more... you where meant to be more... and you where meant to live and thrive... not just survive...

Make a decision today to change the course of your life for the better... 

•The Script ($1,000 Value)

•Members Only Facebook Group ($997 Value)

•Over 31 Instructional videos ($1,997 Value)

•A Hour 1-1 Private Coaching Call With Me ($497 Value)

•Twice A Week 1 Hour Video Coaching Calls ($2,997 Value)

•Ad Templates For Every Platform ($697 Value)

•High Level Business & Sales Training ($997 Value)

Video Breakdowns of me closing deals ($797 value)

Total Value: $9,979

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Lilly's business increased 586% in 31 days!
Jerid picked up 12 phones the next day!
Huy went from $5,000 a month to $12,000 a month
Chris, who wakes up at 2pm every day and doesn't have a car does $10,000 in a month
Steve joins Next Level and doesn't $28,000 the following month

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